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Computarized patient chairs: equipped with water treatment and sterilization devices to prevent cross contamination as well as the formation of biofilm (colonies of bacteria and detritus) in rotary instrument waterlines and high vacuum cannulas.

Intra - extra oral cameras: their high definition allows both the professional to complete the diagnosis of oral pathologies and the patient to understand the dental treatment.

Radiovisiogrphs: provide digital radiography which reduces radiation exposure to less than 90% compared with traditional x-rays.

Electronic apex locators: they are used in root canal treatments ensuring their accuracy. They offer reduced radiation exposure and they are time saving devices that allow complex endodontic cases to be completed in a single visit.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Bleaching: due to our modern equipment and materials bleaching treatments can be finished in a single 40-minute session.

Computer network: these computerized systems allow to keep the patients' medical records for life.



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